Supernova Remnant CTA1 - AR 00h 05m 56s DEC 72d° 6'' 2""
Date/Place2018-10-04 at Elijah Observatory
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationImaged with focal reducer.
RGB-H-OIII composition
RGB: 16 x 600 sec., for each colour channel
H-alpha: 37 x 1200 sec.
OIII: 40 x 1800 sec.
CCD Temp: -20 °C
Acquisition Software: Astroscheduler Processing Software: Pixinsight
CommentA very tough object to image, especially because the star field is very dense and it is difficult to highlight the remnant from the star background.
In the crop you may see NGC40, a planetary nebula in the line of sight of the remnant.