Emission Nebula NGC6914 - AR 20h 24m 24s DEC +42° 24' 09"
Date/Place2015-09-06 at Saint Barthèlemy (AO)
ScopeGSO RC10 Truss
RGB: 8x600
FWHM: 3.0 arcsec.
CommentThis region, whose main object is the emission nebula NGC6914, being close to the galactic plane of the equator, is very rich in objects.
NGC6914 is a huge HII region: its link with the large nebula IC1318 and its subtle reddish filaments is evident and the whole complex is located at the distance of about 5500 A.L., which places it near the Cygnus OB2 association. The nebula reflects the blue light of the star BD+41°3731, having spectral class B3 and magnitude 9.84; it has strong emission lines and is classified as a Be star.
VdB132 is a reflection nebula part of the same complex, in turn illuminated by BD+41°3737, a blue star of main sequence having spectral class B3V and a magnitude 9.27.
Another peculiar object is in the shot, visible at the bottom center: it is the reflection nebula GN 20.22.7, illuminated by the star HBC694.