Supernova Remnant Simeis 147 (Sh2-240) - AR 05h 40m 06s DEC +28° 08' 28"
Date/Place2020-01-23 at Elijah Observatory
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationThe focal reducer was used.
It is a mosaic of 4 frames, where each frame is a composite of RGB + H-alpha + OIII.
RGB:18 x 600 sec. for each color channel
H-alpha: 25 x 1200 sec.
OIII: 25 x 1800 sec.
Image aquisition by Astroscheduler
Image processing with PixInsight.
CommentThe nebula appears in the form of very delicate filaments, denser in the south-eastern side and much more rarefied in the western one; they were created by an ancient supernova that exploded about 4800 light years from the Sun, on the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way. If the distance measurements are correct, the object would have an actual size of 160 light years. The supernova exploded about 40000 years ago, leaving a pulsar towards the southern corner of the object. On the right side of the image is possible to see a blue reflection due to the star β Tauri (Alnath). (Text adapted from Wikipedia)