Reflection Nebula VdB150 - AR 22h 01m 27s DEC +73° 03' 41"
Date/Place2014-07-26 at Tortorici (ME)
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationLRGB composition
L:16x600 sec. bin 1x1
RGB:9x600 sec. bin 1x1
CCD Temp.: -15°C
CommentVdB150 is a reflection nebula in the constellation of Cepheus.
It is located in a region rich of molecular dust clouds; in particular, VdB 150 is a section of the large dark nebula called LDN1235, and it would seem to be connected to the nearby nebula VdB149, in the same field.
The star responsible for the lighting of the region is HD 210806, a subgiant star.
LDN1235 is probably a so-called red emission nebula, a cloud that is placed at high galactic latitudes that becomes visible through the interstellar radiation field, with a low surface brightness and therefore looking dark if observed in the band of visible light.(Text adapted from Wikipedia)