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Objects of the Southern Sky
A collection of astrophotos of objects of the Southern Sky, shot during the Southern Winter in Namibia. A resource for the serious astrophotographer but also for the lover of deep sky photographs.

SkyMonsters of Nicola Montecchiari
Tecnical consultancy for Computer Science and Astronomy.
Milan - Italy
Web :
E-Mail : superpolaris at was founded in 2002 as the personal web page of Nicola Montecchiari. At that time it was used mainly to show to fonds of astrophotography and, more generally, to all the curious of the sky, some of the objects shot with a basic instrumentation.

Later on, some software was developed and published to simplify the imaging and processing

Aside the request for photographs of deep sky and dedicated software, there came requests for lessons about astrophotography and image processing. It was therefore decided to split the original personal website SkyMonsters with the consultancy part, in order to better address any requests for assistance from the many fonds of astrophotography.

New screensaver!!
It is now available the new screensaver SouthernSky. Download the preview!

How to install the screensaver
  1. Download the file to a directory of your choice
  2. Right-click on the file and choose the option install
  3. Right-click on the Desktp and select "Customize"
  4. Select the option "Screensaver" and than select the just installed screensaver

Purchase the banner free version here! provides applications that may be very useful to the astrophotographer that wants to better exploit the different software used on the field.
Some of them are free of charge, others are available at a small fee. provides astro software consultancy to Companies, Organizations and astrophotographers for developing, implementing and testing any astronomical software. In particular we may develop: For any question do not hesitate to get in touch!

Lectures and classes

I give lectures and classes on specific topics regarding astronomy and astrophotography. Here below a sample of the most requested topics:

The classes may be adapted taking into consideration specific needs. The offer for lessons is valid for everyone, from students to astronomy clubs.
We are also available to give speeches on specific topics. Get in touch with us for further information.