DitherMaster - Dithering for Everyone

Main purpose of DitherMaster is providing an automatic dithering feature while imaging an astronomical object, with no human intervention. The guiding program supported is the freeware program PHD Guiding.

DitherMaster is currently supported in the following flavours

Note: if you are upgrading from a previous version, uninstall the previous release of DitherMaster before installing the new one.
ApplicationLicenseDownload Page
DitherMaster for Canon EOS UtilityFreewareDownload
DitherMaster for AstroclickFreewareDownload
DitherMaster Blind for Canon EOS UtilityFreewareDownload

This software was developed because some amateur astronomers felt the need for it. If you appreciate my effort please consider donating. You may do so by Paypal or by direct transfer to my bank account.

What do you get from donating?

Your name will be listed in the Donors Page and your website will be listed. Moreover, as a donor, your request for new features will be considered as higher priority with respect to other feature requests