PICTools is a software tool designed for users of the astronomical image processing IRIS in order to better exploit the signal coming from the calibrated and registered frames for further image processing by other software programs, like PixInsight LE or ImageJ.

IRIS works with signed 16bit integers (from -32768 to 32767), while normally other image processing software use unsigned integers (from 0 to 65535). So, when you try to export the image from IRIS to another IP software, you easily lose data. I started therefore to write a tool that would allow me to convert the PIC files from IRIS in a more convenient 16bit unsigned TIFF file. Later on, PICTools was expanded in order to provide some extra features, working in full 32-bit mode.

Current Main Features

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This software was developed because some amateur astronomers felt the need for it. If you appreciate my effort please consider donating. You may do so by Paypal or by direct transfer to my bank account.

What do you get from donating?

Your name will be listed in the Donors Page and your website will be listed. Moreover, as a donor, your request for new features will be considered as higher priority with respect to other feature requests