Reflection Nebula Alnilam & Mintaka - AR 05h 35m 04s DEC -01° 48' 01"
Date/Place2018-12-30 at Elijah Observatory
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationThis is an LRGBH composition.
L: 41 x 600 sec.
RGB: 18 x 600 sec.
H-alpha: 18 x 1200 sec.
CCD Temp: -25 °C
CommentOne of the most intriguing areas of the sky, visible from both emispheres. This is a picture of part of the Belt of Orion, including the big blue stars Alnilam and Mintaka. Around the stars it is possible to distinguish a lot of dust, which partially reflects the light of the stars around, providing many shades of blue and brown. The H-alpha red emission is visible all around but especially on the bottom left of the image where it is possible to see some h-alpha" flames, coming from the region around the third star of the Belt of Orion, Alnitak.