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Book On Sale! Objects Of The Southern Sky

A collection of photos and details of deep sky objects imaged during the Southern Winter in Namibia. A great source for Amateur Astronomers and the fan of deep sky images. Details and book preview at the link below
Objects of the Southern Sky (English Version)

Libro in Vendita! Oggetti del Cielo Australe

Una collezione di astrofotografie degli oggetti del cielo australe riprese durante l\'inverno australe in Namibia. Una risorsa sia per l\'astrofotografo che per l\'amante delle riprese del profondo cielo. Dettagli ed anteprima del libro al link qui sotto
Oggetti del Cielo Australe (Versione Italiana)

This is an uncomplete list to my recognised works; I want to thank everyone who believes in my effort to show the beauty of the night sky.

Iconic Sky. An astronomy related educational game app for iPad. Some of my images were selected for this app.
Article regarding the CEDIC 2011 Conference in Linza, Austria.
Oct 9th, 2013 - Image Of The Week on Ice In Space Forum