Open Cluster M50 - AR 07h 02m 47s DEC -08° 20' 17"
Date/Place2017-01-19 at
ScopeGSO RC10 Truss
IntegrationRGB composition.
RGB:7x600 sec., bin 2
CCD Temp.: -20 °C
CommentM50 is at a distance of about 3000 ly from the Sun and a linear dimension of about 18 light years. It is estimated that the M50 has approximately 200 components. The brightest star is spectral type B8 or B6 depending on the sources.
A good feature of this cluster is that at 7' south of the center there is a red giant of type M, which with its color contrasts with the white and blue stars in the vicinity. The cluster also contains some yellow giants.
It has an estimated age of 78 million years.(Text adapted from Wikipedia)