Emission Nebula NGC2237 - The Rosette Nebula - AR 06h 31m 54s DEC 04d° 7'' 0""
Date/Place2011-12-25 at Saint Barthèlemy (AO)
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationThis is an R/G/B/H-alpha/OIII composition.
Integration time:
R,G,B:6x600 sec.
H-alpha:6x1200 sec.
OIII: 2x1200 sec.
CommentIt was a long time since I started drooling about imaging it and at last I could the way I wanted. I kept color saturation of the inner part boosted more than usual to enhance the OIII/H-beta contribution on the blue channel.
A 100% crop on the inner Bok globules is shown.