Emission Nebula Tarantula Nebula - AR 05h 38m 22s DEC -69° 17' 33"
Date/Place2007-05-15 at Farm Hakos, Namibia
ScopeSkywatcher 80ED
CameraModified 350D
Integration45 minutes, 5 minutes per frame (RGB)
CommentThis is my first attempt at this region, and I have to say it was a kind of tough. The object was very low in the southern sky on May so I have to start shooting it as soon as it gets dark. The region is unique as it gives the chance to look into another galaxy, the Grat Magellanic Cloud, which is supposed to orbit around the Milky Way. The Tarantula Nebula emission region has a very bright core and as you can see, it is not totally an emission nebula, but there is a fair amount of blue hue all around and inside of it.