Reflection Nebula VdB27 and Dust Clouds - AR 04h 20m 44s DEC +27° 58' 10"
Date/Place2018-12-10 at Elijah Observatory
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationScope setup includes the focal reducer.
LRGB composition
L: 51x600 sec., bin 1
RGB: 26x600 sec., bin 1
for each channel
Image acquisition was entirely automatized by Astroscheduler software.
CommentVdB27 is a reflection nebula in Taurus, but in this field it is also possible to see another apparently wider reflection region on the left side, close to some dark nebulas.
The region is filled up with molecular clouds here and there enlighted by nearby stars. Some tiny galaxies from the PGC catalogue are visible as well.