Dark Nebula GAL 110-13 and VdB158 - AR 23h 39m 50s DEC +48° 48' 41"
Date/Place2014-08-27 at Tortorici (ME)
ScopeTakahashi FSQ85ED
IntegrationLRGB composition.
L: 23x600 sec.
RGB: 6x600 sec.
CCD Temp.: -15°C
CommentVery faint. The dust nebula in the surroundings, barely visible, needs more integration.
GAL 110-13 is a very weak dark nebula located in the constellation Andromeda. Within the cloud, we find the nebula VdB158 reflection nebula. It is lit by two blue-white dwarf of spectral class B9V, cataloged as HD 222046 and HD 222086, to which is added a third B8V class star, HD 222142, whcih is the main cause of the light received from the cloud; it is a group of stars linked physically to one another and which have a common origin. Furthermore, their distance of about 1435 light years puts them in the same region of Lacerta OB1, an OB association whose brightest star is 10 Lacertae. This star formation could also have been generated by a supernova explosion by one of the most massive members of the association Lac OB1, as well as by the action of stellar winds of the most massive components of the system, which also helped to shape the 110-13 GAL cloud. (Text adapted from Wikipedia)